Why is Warwick is called Warwick?

Warwick Castle.
Warwick Castle.

Many of you live, work and visit Warwick and some of you have spent most of your life in the town - but do you know why Warwick is called Warwick?

Here’s a quick history of lesson of how the county town got its name.

Activity on the town’s site dates back to the Neolithic period but from the 6th century onwards it was inhabited by people.

The name Warwick means ‘Settlement by the Weir’ with ‘Wer’ meaning Weir and ‘Wic’ meaning settlement or dwellings

It was established in 914 by Ethelflaed, daughter of Alfred the Great and sister of Edward the Elder.

She built the town as a defence against Danish invaders.

After the Norman conquest in 1066, William the Conqueror established Warwick Castle.

The castle was home to many Early of Warwick.