Whitnash and Warwick councillors to put forward motion to support traveller clamp-down


District councillors in Whitnash and Warwick will ask fellow members to support them in lobbying MPs to give the police more powers to deal with unauthorised gypsy and traveller camps.

Cllr Tony Heath of the Whitnash Residents Association will put forward a motion, which will be seconded by Cllr Marytn Ashford (Con, Aylesford), at Warwick District Council’s next full council meeting next week.

They councillors are putting the motion forward in response to various unauthorised gypsy or traveller encampments having caused problems in their respective wards and asks for fellow members to support a possible Government clamp-down on the issue.

The motion says “In light of the recent and continuous persistent gypsy and traveller incursions on both oublic and private land within Warwick district the council asks its two MPs to put forward our case to Home Secretary Sajid Javid in support of the changes he is considering so that trespassing is a criminal and not a civil matter therefore providing the police with greater powers to move people on.”

Cllr Heath said: “This motion is something I had been considering for some time and I had spoke to Martyn about the problems he had experienced in his ward and he said he was willing to support it.

“After following the discussions in Parliament this is the right time and I can’t put up with these issues any longer.”

Cllr Heath would like members of the public and businesses who support the motion to get in touch with him by emailing tony.heath@warwickdc.gov.uk