Wellesbourne area hit with series of burglaries

Warwickshire Police are encouraging people to be extra vigilant after the Wellesbourne area was hit a series of burglaries.

Police are investigating six burglaries all reportedly occurring on the same day.



Wellesbourne was hit with a number of residential break-ins. Offenders gained access to the rear of the properties after smashing rear patio doors. Jewellery seemed to be the target in the burglaries.

Police are looking for information and witnesses in the break-ins, which included four homes in the Dovehouse estate area of Wellesboure and two other homes in Lighthorne Heath.

All six break-ins occurred on Monday January 6.

Police believe the burglaries in Wellesbourne likely occurred between 2.30 and 8pm.

Anyone with information about the burglaries in Wellesbourne call police on 101 quoting incident number 404 of January 6.