Warwickshire Police urge fans to behave themselves during World Cup

Warwickshire Police are preparing for a busy week
Warwickshire Police are preparing for a busy week

Football fans in Warwickshire are being urged to 'behave in a considerate manner' while enjoying the World Cup as police get ready for a busy week.

England's success in this year's tournament, combined with the hot weather and Donald Trump's visit to the UK, means Warwickshire Police are likely to be stretched this week.

Superintendent David Gardner said: "While football might be coming home, our main aim is to ensure fans in Warwickshire get home safely.

"There has been media coverage about pressures on policing caused by the World Cup, the warm weather, the USA presidential visit and other local summer events.

"This is providing significant challenges for Warwickshire Police and our partners. Therefore, we have been working hard to plan for a busy week.

"We are committed to ensuring we provide help to anyone in need. We are increasing the number of officers and staff on duty to ensure we can do this. However, we also need the public's help."

Supt Gardner said 999 should only be called in an emergency, and 101 only when a policing response is required. He also warned responses to 101 calls could take longer than usual this week.

He added: "We want people to enjoy themselves this week; there's a lot to celebrate. But most of all, we want people to stay safe and behave in a considerate manner."