Warwickshire gets more than £5 million to combat potholes

Warwickshire County Council has 5 million of government funding to repair potholes.
Warwickshire County Council has 5 million of government funding to repair potholes.

Pavements and potholes will top Warwickshire County Council’s ‘to do’ list after it was handed more than £5 million by the Government.

The Chancellor announced in the Budget that £420m was to be allocated from Local Transport Capital Block Funding - otherwise known as the Pothole Action Fund - to repair roads, bridges and other structures around the country.

Discussing the money at last week’s full council meeting of Warwickshire County Council, Deputy Leader Cllr Peter Butlin (Con, Admirals & Cawston) said the cash windfall would be directed where it was needed most.

“This is a damn good news story,” he explained.

“We have been allocated £5.7m in effect to enhance our roads over the next 12 months. We simply cannot spend this over the winter period so there is flexibility over when we spend the money so that we can deliver it properly to the roads that actually need it rather than randomly sloshing the tarmac about.

“We assess our roads on a regular basis and repair them according to need. The whole of Warwickshire will benefit.”

Cllr Jonathan Chilvers (Green, Leamington Brunswick) made an appeal for pedestrians to benefit as well as road users.

He said: “I checked with officers about the wording and it is very clear that this money can be allocated to repairs across the whole highway and that includes pavements which has not always been the case when it came to one-off allocations to deal with potholes.

"I have a number of pavements in my division that are in very poor condition.”

Councillors voted against an amendment that would have seen the money split equally between districts across Warwickshire but supported adding the money to the 2018/19 capital programme.