Warwickshire firefighters part of another round of strikes

FBU Flag
FBU Flag

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced another round of strikes as part of a dispute over pensions.

Firefighters will take part in eight consecutive days of strike action between Saturday 9 August and Saturday 16 August 2014.

During this time, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service will continue to provide an emergency response service, albeit at a reduced level. It is therefore essential that local communities and businesses take extra care and endeavour to prevent emergencies from occurring.

As well as the individual strikes, the FBU has called for industrial action short of strike on the same days.

The dates for strikes action are as follows:

• Saturday, August 9: midday until 2pm

• Saturday, August 9: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Sunday, August 10: midday until 2pm

• Sunday, August 10: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Monday, August 11: midday until 2pm

• Monday, August 11: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Tuesday, August 12: midday until 2pm

• Tuesday, August 12: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Wednesday, August 13: midday until 2pm

• Wednesday, August 13: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Thursday, August 14: midday until 2pm

• Thursday, August 14: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Friday, August 15: midday until 2pm

• Friday, August 15: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

• Saturday, August 16: midday until 2pm

• Saturday, August 16: 10.59pm until 11.59pm

For more information on fire safety, log onto www.warwickshire.gov.uk/firesafety