Warwickshire County Council websites hacked

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Warwickshire County Council were forced to take down some of their websites today after they were ‘attacked’ over the weekend.

This morning on the council’s news site there were two posts in the news article section that appeared to have been put up by hackers.

Shortly after 9am this morning the news site and several other sites run by the council were taken down and were unavailable throughout the day.

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council said: “Over the weekend, part of Warwickshire County Council’s website – the news site - alongside a number of other mini-sites, were attacked.

“Content on these sites was defaced. The Council took the sites down as soon as it became aware of the problem.

“These sites, which contained only publicly available information, did not hold any customer, financial or personal data, and the Council’s investigations have not revealed any access to other systems.

“It will continue to monitor this situation closely.

“The problem has been resolved and the site is now available again.

“Warwickshire County Council take its own and its residents’ cyber security very seriously.

“Tomorrow, to mark Safer Internet Day 2017, it is launching a new e-learning module to help residents to think about online safety.

“The tool will be available here: safeinwarwickshire.com/elearning”.

The websites were back online by 5pm.