Warwick teenager's fundraising bid for Uganda

A 15 year old from Chase Meadow is raising money so that he can take part in a project in Uganda.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 9:27 am
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 9:31 am
Valerie Oliver with her son Jack.
Valerie Oliver with her son Jack.

Jack Oliver, who attends Henley in Arden School, is trying raise more than £4,200 so that he can take part in a project with charity Camps International.

Camps International has a permanent base in Uganda, where Jack will be part of its community, environment and conservation projects such as helping local tradesmen with building a school, teaching English to local schools and be part of an animal conservation project.

Jack first heard about the project at school and was inspired to take part and help make a difference. He said: “This expedition involves everything I am interested in.

Jack Oliver is raising money to help pay for a trip to Uganda where he would be working alongside a charity.

“Part one, the community part. There are people that don’t have sufficient housing, no decent food, no access to any medical help, no toys, hobbies, which is why I am looking forward to actually helping these people. 
“I realise only in a small way, but if many of us are realising this and actually actively help, this can go a long way.

“Part two is the environment part, including the conservation part. In Uganda a school could be just the one room, not always safe, without any luxuries, sometimes not even a simple blackboard. So in helping to build safe buildings, adequate housing or even a decent toilet block could mean all the difference for them.

“Last part of the expedition is the educational part. Not alone it will enable me to gain UCAS points for later in life, it would be really great to teach English to the local children, so that will increase their knowledge.”

Jack and his mum Valerie have been working over the last seven months to help raise the money through work, events and activities.

In October they held a ‘zumbathon’ and a family quiz night at the Chase Meadow Community Centre.

To help raise more money Jack started a Saturday job at the Kia garage every week for three hours washing cars.

Valerie said: “Jack is very motivated to be part of this project and initially I had massive reservations as I am a single mum on a limited budget, so I had major worries about how we were going to raise £4,280.

“But nevertheless, Jack’s motivation and passion to do this, spurred me on, so we embarked on our fundraising journey.

“We’ve worked absolutely relentlessly for the last seven months with so many different things and we just had two major events, so we’re up to £3,499 at the moment, so still £781 to go.”

Jack Oliver and his mum Valerie have so far managed to raise £3,499 and are still trying to raise the remaining £781 for jack’s trip to Uganda with Camps International.

In Uganda Jack will be helping with a range of community, environment and conservation projects.

Jack and Valerie have both been doing jobs, events and activities in an effort to raise all the money. To donate to Jack’s trip email: [email protected]

To find out more about Camps International go to: https://campsinternational.com/