Warwick teenager wins role in major film

Warwiick schoolboy Hal Hewetson with actor Christian Bale
Warwiick schoolboy Hal Hewetson with actor Christian Bale

Hal Hewetson, who will celebrate his 14th birthday next week, played alongside leading actor Christian Bale (right), who is Moses in the film directed by Ridley Scott.

Hal already has three years experience as a child actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company which he thinks helped him get the part as Moses’ firstborn son, Gershom.

He travelled to Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands for the filming and was amazed to watch the set designers produce houses from scratch with 70 foot high palm trees planted in the surrounding valley.

Goats and chickens wandered on set from all around and frankincense was burned on small fires.

Hal said: “I only met Christian Bale about five minutes before (filming) in the make-up trailer and he was a really lovely person. Acting with him was great - he made everything seem really easy.”

After each scene, which was inevitably repeated several times, Hal was taken back to the film crew’s base for up to five hours of school tutoring.