Warwick set to be in technology scene

Warwick Town Centre GV.
Warwick Town Centre GV.

Warwick has been ranked in the top 10 list of which towns and cities are set to dominate the UK’s technology scene in the future.

The ranking was done by Joblift, which is a job search engine.

By analysing the top 50 locations, which were smaller UK cities and towns, in terms of the number of technology vacancies over the last 12 months, Joblift ranked the top ten places, with under 200,000 citizens, predicted to dominate the UK’s technology scene in the coming 

A points-based system was used, taking into account the average increase in technology vacancies, the percentage of technology jobs held compared to the entire job market and the total number of tech jobs in every location.

Extra points were also awarded to cities that have a university which was listed in the top 500 universities worldwide for engineering and technology degrees.

Warwick town came in at number four on the top 10 list, where 22 per cent of the 7,830 vacancies posted in the last 12 months have concerned technology or computer science. The University of Warwick is 125th in the worldwide university ranking.

Cambridge topped the list where its 36,802 tech job vacancies made up 37 per cent of the city’s job market in the last 12 months. The city topped the analysis in terms of number of technology jobs on offer too.

Oxford came in at second place with 19,902 technology vacancies in the last year making up a quarter of all jobs offered.