Warwick’s wildflower upset to be heard by council

Muddy areas at St Nicholas Park
Muddy areas at St Nicholas Park

Concerns over a wildflower meadow at St Nicholas Park will be heard by the council’s executive after over 700 signatures were collected against the planting.

The flowers were agreed within an area of the park as part of ongoing upgrades and improvements to the public space.

But the volunteer group Friends of St Nicholas Park and Warwick Town Council said after expressing initial concern over the planting at the site chosen, work continued anyway.

Areas of grass were last year killed with weed killer to get the site ready for planting in what prompted a petition by chair of the volunteer group, Linda Bromley.

Speaking to members of Warwick District Council as she presented the petition on Wednesday, she said: “We are not against the idea of wildflowers but the placing of them and the right sites are crucial. This is not the right site and we have been ignored from the start.”

Warwick’s mayor, Cllr Mandy Littlejohn echoed the feeling that the placing of wildflowers was key and that in the middle of the public park was simply “not the place”.

She said: “These flowers will look great for six months of the year, but in winter will not be suitable for a park.

“Wildflowers by nature need rough soil and gravel to grow, and that is not what we want in a large section of a public park near where children will be playing and people enjoying the open space.

“By all means wildflowers are welcome in wild spaces like at Myton Fields, but St Nicholas Park is just not the place for them.

The matter will now go back for a review by officers and the executive.