Warwick mum's fundraising event for a cause close to her and her family's hearts

Caroline Walton with Lisa Hall. Photo submitted.
Caroline Walton with Lisa Hall. Photo submitted.

A Warwick mum is organising a charity ball to help raise money for a charity that is close to her and her family’s hearts.

Lisa Hall, with the help of her friend Caroline Walton, is organising a ball at the Hilton hotel in Warwick to help raise money for charity Myaware, which is dedicated to the condition myasthenia which her daughter has been recently diagnosed with.

Lisa said: “About five months ago my 10-year-old daughter started to get double vision and then we noticed her eye was drooping. She was rushed to a specialist eye unit in Coventry that day where she has many tests.

“Several weeks later she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. It is an auto-immune condition where antibodies attack muscles in the body.

“There are lots of types of the condition but hers is to do with the eyes, even then it can take up to two years for it to be confirmed it’s just in her eyes. At the moment she could progress.

“It can get more severe as people get to the point where they can’t walk or talk and some people can’t swallow or have breathing problems.

“The condition is very rare especially in children so we were quite shocked when our daughter was diagnosed with it as we had never heard of it.

“She seems to be coping quite well with it at the moment but it’s only early days. We are just taking it day by day as that is all we can do.

“We were absolutely shocked and devastated by the diagnosis. They say that after two years if she has no other symptoms then she will just stay as she is but still have to take medication for the rest of her life.

“As well as being on medication all the time we are also going back and forth for hospital appointments.

“Recently she had a test at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where she had to have needles in her face, arms and hands.

“She is having to go through so much and she is so brave, it’s unbelievable.”

Lisa and Caroline are working together on the fundraising ball, which will be taking place at the Hilton in Warwick on October 18.

“I am doing the event to raise awareness and money for the Myaware because it is an awful condition because there is no cure. My friend Caroline is helping me.

“There will be a three-course with a Champagne reception, entertainment and a raffle and auction.

“We are still looking for event sponsors as well as auction and raffle prizes.

“It should be a really fun night and now I just need to get people to book their tickets.”

Lisa and Caroline are still appealing for event sponsors and auction and raffle prizes for the ball, which takes place on October 18 from 7pm to 11.30pm.

To make a donation or to find out more information about sponsorship email: LK2205@hotmail.com

A number of businesses are already supporting the event but Lisa would welcome more support.

Tickets for the ball cost £50 can be bought online by clicking here

Tickets can also be bought by using the email given above.