Warwick family's plans to 'take another car off the street' dashed by council due to historical significance concerns

A Warwick family’s hopes of widening a gateway at their home have been dashed after councillors refused permission as it would have led to a section of wall being dismantled.

The application had been sought so that the owners of 27 Jury Street could drive two cars on to land at the rear of their premises which is a Grade II Listed property inside the Warwick Conservation Area.

Jury Street in Warwick. Photo by Google Street View

Jury Street in Warwick. Photo by Google Street View

A report to Warwick District Council’s planning committee on February 4 explained that the listing of the building extended to the wall.

It explained: “The existing wall forms part of the listed building’s architectural and historic significance due to it representing an original boundary and retaining a large proportion of historic fabric.

"Therefore the removal of a significant part of this structure will harm the special architectural and historic interest of the listed building and the wider conservation area.”

And officers were also unhappy with the design of the electric gates which the owners had hoped to erect to ensure privacy in their garden.

The report added: “Furthermore, the solid timber design proposed for the new gates would appear at odds with the prevailing character of the rear of these listed properties, which is comprised of masonry walls and metal gates/railings.”

The applicant, Stephen Chapman, said that the benefit of taking a second car off Warwick’s busy streets where there was a lack of parking would be a benefit as would the ability to charge two electric cars as the application would also have seen EV chargers installed.

He added: “The wall has already had some alterations through the years – some of the bricks have already been removed to make the entrance to our property.

“We are only planning to remove a small part of the wall in question and we will be using these bricks to repair the rest of the wall that is in need of renovating. We are asking to remove eight bricks.”

Warwick Town Council supported the application but officers disagreed, saying that they were against the wall being rebuilt and councillors rejected the plans