Warwick couple taking on Wolf Run this weekend to help raise money for their son

A couple from Warwick are gearing up to take part in the Wolf Run this weekend.

Thursday, 6th April 2017, 8:53 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:14 pm
Ethan Maclellan with those who will be joining Laura and James on their Wolf Runs this year.

James and Laura Maclellan, who live in Hathaway Drive, which is on the Woodloes, have decided to take on the challenge of completing four Wolf Runs this year.

They are taking on the challenge to raise money to help pay for their son’s necessary health care equipment.

The Wolf Run is a 10K obstacle run that takes place four times a year.

James and Laura’s son Ethan, who is now two and a half years old, was diagnosed with an underdeveloped brain shortly after he was born in September 2014.

Since then, Ethan has needed regular treatment and specialised equipment to support him.

As Ethan grows up he will need expensive equipment such a specialised beds.

James and Laura will be taking part in their first Wolf Run on Saturday at Welsh Road Farm in Offchurch.

The pair have both have sustained injuries from their training but they are determined to get around the course to help raise money.

Around 15 people will be joining the couple for the spring run and so far 65 people will be joining them for the summer event.

James said: “We can’t wait to get our alpha wolf challenge started, Team Ethan is raring to go.

“We can’t thank all of the members of Team Ethan for running to raise money for our son enough.

“There will be 16 of us taking part on Saturday and an amazing 65 signed up so far for the summer wolf.

“We can’t wait for the mud and mayhem go Team Ethan.

When the couple announced that they would be taking on the mammoth challenge they were hoping to get 200 people signed up to run for Ethan’s fund.

If anyone would like to join the Maclellan family on the wolf runs they should email: [email protected]

To donate to the Ethan’s fundraising page go to https://fundrazr.com/f1CPg4