Warwick community centre set to teach real-life skills

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Teaching drama to young people has already proved successful in equipping them for many of the challenges they will encounter in adult life.

And so staff, volunteers and members of The Gap Community Centre in Warwick were delighted to receive a cheque for £2,000 towards a new course of drama workshops they will run in collaboration with Playbox Theatre.

The Heart of England Community Foundation has provided the cash to run after-school sessions for eight to 11-year-olds that will culminate in a stage performance.

Youth leader Richard Parsons says the lessons, which he hopes to start after Easter, are not just about a one-off performance but have a far wider impact on the behaviour and understanding of all who participate.

Mr Parsons said: “These workshops help in raising young people’s self-confidence through trying and learning new skills and performing in front of others.

“They become better informed about their issues and how to deal with them, which helps in all aspects of their lives.”

Some 25 youngsters attend the youth club at The Gap in Oakwood Grove - although not all will be in the right age range for the drama sessions. To check for spaces ring 494200.

Youth manager Marcos Campos said: “Building confidence, working as a team and performing all do their part in learning leadership skills.”