Warwick Castle’s bid to carry on camping

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Merlin Entertainments has re-submitted its planning application to continue up-market camping in woodland surrounding Warwick Castle.

The proposal is set to go before town and district councillors within the next two months.

And so far there is no sign of the company renewing its more controversial application for five tree houses and 12 holiday lodges within the grounds.

Local observers thought it was a mistake for castle managers to submit a hybrid application for both tents and tree houses at Foxes Study, the woodland forming the town side of the Capability Brown-designed Grade I listed landscape.

Tree wardens like Veronica Hyland, Penny Wright and Phil Harris were keen to remind Merlin that the castle should not be marketed in the same way as its other major attractions, like Legoland at Windsor.

However, they had accepted that the seasonal camping - or glamping - in medieval style tents, had not been too disruptive last year. Mrs Hyland, who lives close to the castle walls, even thanked Merlin for moving the campsite slightly further away to reduce noise levels.

But when it came to wanting to add permanent tree houses and holiday lodges, she and her neighbours won the backing of Warwick town councilors who recommended rejection of the dual application.

Castle managers insisted that it was only diseased or immature trees that would have to be axed or pruned.

However, there were no ecological or heritage studies available to accompany the application and so district councillors agreed with the town council’s recommendation for rejection.

Now, simply permission to carry on camping between May and September this year is being sought.

This application is expected to be agreed as wildlife and heritage reports indicate few problems appear to have been identified as a result of last year’s camping.