Warwick and Leamington MP has say on vote of no confidence for Theresa May

Warwick and Labour MP Matt Western.
Warwick and Labour MP Matt Western.

Warwick and Leamington Labour MP Matt Western has accused the Conservative party of "denying democracy" to both the public and opposition MPs as it as it attempts to resolve its internal differences over Brexit.

Earlier today Conservative MPs called a no confidence vote in the Prime Minister Theresa May.

Almost 50 (48) Conservative MPs have handed in letters expressing that they no longer have confidence in the Prime Minister, which triggers a vote among all Tory MPs on her leadership.

The vote is set to take place between 6pm and 8pm tonight with the Prime Minister's leadership of her party being at stake.

A loss for the Prime Minister will trigger a Conservative Party leadership contest, so another MP can become leader of the party and the new Prime Minister.

If there is more than one candidate then membership of the Tory party will vote for their preferred leader – a process which could run into the new year.

Mr Western said: "“This comes as no surprise.

"This is merely the latest rupture in the ongoing chaos of this Government’s Brexit negotiations.

"The PM’s negotiating strategy is the root cause of the current situation.

"It was foolhardy for her to declare her “red lines” so early on and not to seek to negotiate membership of the Customs Union and a reformed Single Market as is now needed.

"It was Labour that pushed for a meaningful vote and we have waited for the Government to present its draft agreement to then debate it and vote on it. Earlier this week we were denied this.

"The public and MPs are being denied democracy in this country while the Conservatives seek to resolve their internal differences over Europe.

"The Prime Minister has been running down the clock in order to force her deal through by threatening a No Deal alternative - this was totally irresponsible and unacceptable.

"The threat now is that the arch-Brexiteers seek to distract the whole process with a Leadership election.

"This extreme form of brinkmanship is damaging our economy and the PM’s approach has led to two years of uncertainty that has resulted in business investment being placed on hold.

"We need to debate the PM’s deal and then vote on it. I also believe that it is now critical to extend Article 50 to give certainty to business and the public.”