Volunteers in Warwick district to be recognised at award ceremony

The Warwickshire CAVA office in Leamington. Photo by Google Street View.
The Warwickshire CAVA office in Leamington. Photo by Google Street View.

Volunteers in the Warwick district are set to be recognised at an awards ceremony next week.

As we reach the end of National Volunteers Week (June 1 to June 7) Warwickshire CAVA are preparing to host a celebration event to thank the thousands of people who give their time freely to help others in the community.

In Warwick District around 34,000 residents volunteer on a regular basis (at least once a month).

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Helen Wilkinson, volunteering co-ordinator with Warwickshire CAVA , said: "This vast army of people form the glue that bonds our communities together.

"Amongst other things they keep community centres open, support those experiencing disadvantage (whether through disability, poverty or other personal circumstances), fundraise for charities, care for animals, maintain our heritage and tend to our open spaces.

"Very often those who volunteer don’t even think of themselves as volunteers. They might informally visit an elderly neighbour for example and most of the time they just get on with it, without expecting any formal recognition or indeed anything in return.

"They volunteer simply because they want to help out, or give something to a cause that they feel passionately about."

To celebrate their volunteers Warwickshire CAVA will be holding a celebration and awards event on June 13 at Myton School. This is the first one of its kind to be organised in South Warwickshire.

Helen said: "We are thrilled to have the opportunity to host this event for the very first time in South Warwickshire.

"We’ve had close to 50 people nominated for awards. All these people give their time freely and selflessly, week in week out, to help others in their community, and most have continued to do this for many years without expecting anything in return.

"It will be amazing to be able to give them the recognition they deserve. With around 34,000 volunteers in the District we can’t give everyone an award, however much we’d like to.

"Those who do receive awards will be doing so on behalf of themselves and the many others out there who do equally good work. The evening will be about celebrating all the inspiring work that people do in our community without getting paid for it.

"At CAVA we have a website with over 400 different volunteering opportunities across the Warwick district.

"I would encourage anyone thinking about volunteering to go to the site to search for the perfect role for them, or come and see us at the Warwickshire CAVA offices on Clemens

Street and we can help to fix you up with a role."

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The event is being funded by Warwickshire County Council, Warwick District Council and Stratford District Council and there have been 50 nominations and awards will be given out for the winners in eight categories:

~ Community Impact;

~ Health & Wellbeing;

~ Environment;

~ Creative and Heritage

~ Leisure and Sport

~ Young Volunteer

~ Unsung Hero

~ Long Service Award

There will also be a number of special recognition awards.

To find out more about volunteering with Warwickshire CAVA click here