Travellers move to another site in Warwick

The travellers that were on sites in Hampton Road last week have now moved onto sites in Tapping Way.
The travellers that were on sites in Hampton Road last week have now moved onto sites in Tapping Way.

Travellers that settled back in Warwick just weeks after they left the county have now moved onto another site in the town.

Last week travellers were spotted back on the sites at Hampton Road and concerns were growing over how easily they could get back onto the land.

As well as concerns over access there were also fears for the safety of businesses and customers.

One business owner, Hannah Reilly, who runs Hannah Clare School of Dance at the Westend Centre on Hampton Road, spoke to the Courier about the travellers’ return.

She said: “We operate five days-a-week and when you got to the road there were dogs and children running across the road. They are very intimidating.

“When the parents travelled in, the teenagers were knocking on car windows and kicking the cars. The parents were scared and intimidated and I called the police. It took them 45 minutes to come down and I had to cancel the class.

“We pay our taxes to make sure our area is safe.

“It is so ridiculous that it’s happening again so soon. We can’t carry on like this.”

After the ongoing issues the businesses at the Westend Centre had to resort to hiring a security guard.

According to the Chase Meadow Residents’ Association Facebook page on Thursday, the police advised the travellers to leave Hampton Road by Sunday evening and that if they failed to do so, they would use their Section 61 powers today (Monday).

The travellers moved to sites on Tapping Way on Sunday evening and are reportedly blocking footpaths and cycle paths.

It is also believed that travellers are also on sites in Hatton Park.

After the move the Chase Meadows Residents’ Association (CMRA) posted the following on their Facebook Page this morning: “As most are aware, we now have many visitors on Tapping Way!

“Some have asked who they can contact to express to their views about the ongoing traveller situation we have in Warwick and Chase Meadow.

“Clearly more needs to be done to prevent these incursions onto our open spaces.”

The CMRA are advising people to contact the people below about the problems with the traveller encampments: (Warwickshire Police Gypsy Traveller Liaison Officer) (Sgt Christoper Kitson Warwickshire Police) (John Holland Warwick West County Councillor)

Local MP Chris White