Tram-like transport system among ideas for traffic easing measures at 2,500 home development near Kenilworth

Image of the 2,500 home development at Kings Hill near Kenilworth
Image of the 2,500 home development at Kings Hill near Kenilworth

Residents on a major new development planned for the outskirts of Coventry may be able to hop on a tram-like revolutionary transport system and head into the city centre.

Cycle routes, new bus services and a possible new railway station will also help ease traffic congestion according to planners when up to 2,500 homes are built on land in Kings Hill Lane between Finham and Kenilworth.

Outline planning for the scheme, which is opposed by a large number of neighbours along with parish and town councils in the area, was granted at a meeting of Warwick District Council’s planning committee this week (Tuesday December 3).

Cllr Paul Davies, of Finham Parish Council, told the meeting that the plans would lead to an extra 8,000 cars on the road while Coventry City Council’s Cllr Tim Sawdon said the road infrastructure was unable to cope with the current level of traffic, let alone any extra vehicles.

But Ben Simms, from Warwickshire County Council’s highways department, said developers Lioncourt Homes had agreed to provide £50,000 for a feasibility study into a new railway station and a further £950,000 towards cycling infrastructure.

He then added: “Also, Coventry is looking to deliver a rapid transfer system which connects Kings Hill with Coventry city centre. There is a £4m contribution to enable them to do that.”

Richard Hall, of Coventry City Council, added: “The proposals for rapid transit - whether it is bus-based or light rail is that this site would possibly sit within a loop from the city perhaps via Whitley South and the university and then back in.

“It is fairly early on in the feasibility process at the moment and we are looking for businesses and other partners to work with the city council to promote the opportunities particularly with very light rail (VLR). There was a conference last week at the university to gather together the great and the good to get to a point where this could be a viable option.

“I’m confident that this site, even if it was on the periphery of one of these loops, would benefit massively.”