Telephone courier scams continue to sweep district

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Yet more courier card scams are being carried out across the district.

Police have received more news of attempted scams in Leamington and Warwick as numbers of reported cases rise in just one week.

“The scam itself is fairly simple and those making the calls can be very convincing

Sergeant Allison Wiggin

There are several versions of the scam where a fraudster will ring a potential victim claiming to be from either the bank or from the Metropolitan police.

They will inform them that either the bank card has been cloned and fraudulently used before requesting PIN details, or will request the victim goes to the bank to withdraw a significant sum of money and take it home.

In both instances they will then send a courier to the address to pick up the bank card or the cash.

Sergeant Allison Wiggin of Leamington and Whitnash neighbourhood team said luckily there seemed to be very few cases where the callers were fooled but the rising number of incidents is a worry.

“The scam itself is fairly simple and those making the calls can be very convincing,” she said.

“It is reassuring that in the vast majority of cases the person receiving the call realises it is a scam and nothing has been stolen.

“The criminals however are preying on the elderly or vulnerable who maybe more trusting and therefore more susceptible to falling for the scam.

“We are working with the banks and other agencies to increase awareness of the crime trend but would ask the message be spread to your friends, family and neighbours.”

Residents are reminded that neither the police nor banks will ever ask for bank details or PIN numbers or for customers to withdraw money for couriers to collect.

Anyone who receives a call is advised to hang up and contact police on 101 on a different telephone line.