Teenagers spot UFOs over Woodloes

Teenagers driving on the Woodloes in Warwick were left intrigued and unsettled by the appearance of three UFOs.

Hampton Magna 19-year-old Owen Lloyd told how he and two girls spotted three bright orange lights at 7.54pm on Saturday while on Woodloes Avenue South looking East towards Leamington. He said they “floated firstly into a diagonal line, then a straight line, then a triangle - and then separated and faded one by one into nothing - almost as if they were communicating”.

The former Aylesford School pupil claims there was the suggestion of design in the movements, and of great speed immediately before the objects disappeared - similar to an incident in Stratford last summer which was witnessed by 100 people.

He is desperate to know if anyone else saw the three-minute episode.

He said: “ It was bizarre, there were three quite dazzling lights that I initially thought were fireworks. But they were falling, then rising up into weird formations, sometimes a considerable distance apart. Then they faded one by one in different directions.

“It really shook the girls up. I tried to get a picture, but my girlfriend wouldn’t let me get out of the car. It was like nothing I have seen before.”

The smooth silence of the movements and their duration have left Mr Lloyd convinced they were not conventional aircraft or late Guy Fawkes celebrations.

“It was either a prank, an experiment or something else. I’m loathe to say they were aliens for definite, but I’d love to know,” he added.

For girlfriend Ashleigh Bishop, 18 and a philosophy student at Nottingham University, the sighting was “unsettling”.

The ex-Kings High pupil was driving the car containing Mr Lloyd and her sister Emily, 15, of Shottery. She said: “I am normally quite sceptical of this kind of thing, but we were transfixed. I had to pull over. I feel like such a fruit - I almost want it to be a hoax so I can explain it.”

At about 10.30pm on July 25 more than 100 people gawped at strange lights as they hovered above Stratford.

There were five objects then, but Mr Lloyd described footage of the apparent formation flying as “almost identical”.

Warwickshire Police confirmed its helicopter was not above Warwick at the time of the lights.

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