Stable worker who lived in Hatton will be jailed for sexually assaulting teenage girl

Court news
Court news

A racing stable worker sexually assaulted a teenage girl after taking her back to his home on the pretext of having to walk his dogs.

Graham Rosier, 53 of Station Road, Hatton, at the time, had denied a charge of assault by penetration following the incident.

Graham Rosier

Graham Rosier

But after standing trial at Warwick Crown Court for a second time, because one jury was unable to reach a verdict earlier this year, he was found guilty by a unanimous verdict.

Rejecting an application for bail and remanding Rosier in custody, Recorder Steven Evans said a custodial sentence was ‘inevitable.’

Rosier, who said he has since moved to Newmarket, was working at the racing yard at the time of the offence in 2007 or 2008.

Teenage girls would often visit the stables, and after one girl who did so went with other staff to the pub one lunchtime, she asked Rosier to give her a lift her back to the yard.

Rosier, who had bought her a couple of glasses of wine at the pub, despite her age, agreed, but said he had to go back to his home, some 14 miles away, first to walk his dogs.

It was there that the sexual assault took place.

Mr Samuel said: “When Rosier had finished, he just stood up and took her back to the stables, and she sat in the car shaking. He said to her ‘You can’t tell anyone what just happened.”

The victim wanted to tell someone at the time, but did not know how – and kept it to herself for several years.

But when she was in a relationship in 2013 her boyfriend became concerned because she would often wake up in the night very upset or even screaming.

Even then, she only told him it was because of something that had happened when she was young – until they were in a pub one day and she suddenly got up and ran out.

Her boyfriend went after her, and she explained she had fled because Rosier had walked in, and told him what had happened, after which she went to the police.

Rosier told the court he lived at the Hatton address with his partner but has now moved to Newmarket where he works at another racing yard.

He claimed in court that he had told the girl he had to go back to walk his dogs, and that he would drop her off first, but that the girl, who had had too much to drink, asked to go with him because she did not want people to see her in that state.

Rosier, who said other people bought her drinks at the pub, but not him, denied he ‘fancied’ the girl or that anything improper had taken place at his home where he said she had been ‘sleeping it off,’ but then went to the toilet and was sick.

After the jury returned its verdict Recorder Evans said: “A custodial sentence is inevitable, but a report may be helpful.”

Adjourning for one to be prepared, he rejected a request for Rosier to be granted bail, adding: “The only sentence is one of imprisonment. I don’t want to raise any false hopes.”