Special rewarded for Wellesbourne market bust

Special Sgt Russell Marsh
Special Sgt Russell Marsh

A volunteer police officer who helped smash a huge counterfeiting operation has received an award for his work.

Special Sergeant Russell Marsh was one of the many volunteer police officers recognised for their dedicated work at last week’s Warwickshire Police Awards.

Russell received the Chief Constable Commendation following a successful operation targeting the sale of counterfeit goods at Wellesbourne Market.

Russell worked closely with Trading Standards to co-ordinate the involvement of 30 special constables in an enforcement operation. His tireless work led to a successful multi-agency operation that culminated in several raids on the market..

As a result nearly £3 million worth of counterfeit goods were recovered, the largest single recovery of counterfeit goods at any UK market, and a number of arrests were made.

Special Sergeant Marsh was commended for his planning and leadership demonstrated during a very successful proactive operation that worked in partnership with other agencies and West Mercia Police.

Six other members of the Warwickshire Special Constabulary received Long Service medals at the event in recognition of their continued and efficient service. The medal is awarded on completion of nine years service.

Special Constable John Ainsworth, Special Constable Mark Caddick, Special Constable Rachel Oaten, Special Constable John Reeves,vSpecial Constable Andrew Vale and Special Sergeant Gary Upton have volunteered for a combined total of 56 years to support policing in Warwickshire.

Chief Constable Andy Parker, who selected the recipients and presented the awards, said: “I am humbled by the members of our community who volunteer their time, over and above their day jobs or other commitments, to play an integral role in local policing.

“Tonight we have seen how their contribution to policing has helped protect people from harm, over many years. I acknowledge the contribution the Special Constabulary make to policing and am delighted to have been able to meet with some of them here tonight.”

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are currently recruiting for special constables. If you would like to find out more about the role of the Special Constabulary or are interested in becoming a Special, visit www.specialswanted.co.uk