Slight price rises in parking across Warwick district but Kenilworth still cheapest

Kenilworth car park charges
Kenilworth car park charges

Warwick District Council officials have confirmed a slight rise in parking charges in Kenilworth for the hourly parking costs in the Warwick District Council operated car parks.

Officials say the increase brings the cost more in line with the charges for Leamington and Warwick, although the Kenilworth car park fees are still cheaper.

The slight increase in car park fees includes the following Kenilworth car parks, Abbey End, Square West (behind the Kenilworth Library) and Abbey Fields.

The increase in car park charges started Friday January 31.

The first 2 hours will remain free in Abbey Fields. Although, the number of two-hour free tickets were limited a few months ago for the Abbey Fields car park.

Warwick and Leamington charging starts at £0.50 for 30 minutes (£0.50 for one hour in park and stride car parks).

Kenilworth is currently £0.30 for 30 minutes, so to create a consistent charging policy across the town centres, the following increase has been agreed.

An increase of .10 started yesterday (Friday January 31) for Kenilworth raising the cost from £0.30 for 30 minutes to £0.40.

The cost for Kenilworth has also increased from .60 to .80 per hour, £1.20 to £1.50 for two hours, £1.80 to £2 for three hours and £2.40 to £2.50 for four hours parking.

The all-day parking rate has increased from £4 to £4.50.

People who regularly use Warwick district operated car parks can make 'significant' savings by purchasing one of the parking season tickets.

The district council’s new car parking fees structure also includes an increase of .50 (or £3.50 for the day) to park for more than four hours in the town centre long-stay car parks in Leamington and Warwick.

There is also an increase of 50p for parking overnight (between 6pm and 8am) in the town centres.

Charges for stays of under four hours will remain the same for Leamington and Warwick.