Show support for Leamington’s Pride to help keep festival running

Warwickshire Pride
Warwickshire Pride

Crowdfunding is on the cards for Warwickshire Pride as organisers call for financial support to make sure the festival can survive.

The one-day summer event is held in Leamington’s Pump Room Gardens to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture.

But with council and community funding being becoming increasingly sparse, organisers say they need public support to raise £2,000 and keep the free celebrations going for years to come.

A funding bid is now in place in hope of pulling in donations to make sure the festival on August 20 is not the last.

Organiser, Daniel Browne, who helps run the day through charity, Push Projects, said the key part of the town’s cultural calendar must be saved.

The 31-year-old said: “Warwickshire Pride provides a safe and welcoming space for LGBT people, many of whom experience prejudice and discrimination in their lives.

“It is an opportunity for any person to be part of an event that welcomes and embraces them for they are.

“As the festival grows and people’s expectations grow too, it’s becoming more difficult to obtain the funding required to put on an event.

“We’re not just looking for funds, though. We’re also calling on people to become involved in the organisation of the festival and to volunteer on the day.

“And we would like to partner with businesses willing to put their support behind us.

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Warwickshire Pride _YHz-pkalJDQDnzzcA-P

“Warwickshire Pride will go ahead this year, but to help it move forward and build on what’s been achieved, we’re asking people to support us.”

Previously, income has come from community and council grants with stall bookings providing the main source of funds.

Warwickshire Pride is a grassroots, volunteer led, not-for-profit event and all funds raised through the campaign will help cover costs for future years

The festival first ran in 2013 and now has up to 5,000 visitors.

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All money raised in the one-off campaign will help build up reserves to keep the festival running for the coming years and pay for security fences for the stage, toilets and hire of the park.

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