Shop owner scolds council for wasting money on scaffolding

The Market Hall Museum in Warwick
The Market Hall Museum in Warwick

A Warwick shop owner has scolded the county council for wasting money on scaffolding.

Chris Eykyn, who owns Party Creations in the Market Place, is concerned that money is being wasted after scaffolding has been taken down ahead of the town’s Mop fair this weekend.

The Market Hall Museum, which is run by Warwickshire County Council, is currently closed for refurbishment work, which has been made possible by a grant of £1million from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Scaffolding in Market Place has been taken down for the Warwick Mop.

Mr Eykyn said: “There has been scaffolding up at the museum for the past six months and on Monday they were taking it down. I went over to ask someone why and they said it was because of the Mop and that it would be put back up in three weeks.

“The shop next to mine has also been told to take down their scaffolding and they only put it up last week.”

The shop owner has criticised the lack of communication between the county and district councils for allowing scaffolding to be put up with the Mop approaching.

Mr Eykyn said: “Why grant permission for scaffolding to be put up next door for it to be taken down a week later? Why not plan the Mop around the scaffolding or how about not putting any scaffolding up until after the Mop? It is a waste of public money whether that is the lottery money or the council’s money.”

A spokesman from Warwickshire County Council said: “The scaffolding had to be temporarily taken down in order to enable the Mop to take place. It had been hoped that all the works requiring scaffolding would have been completed in advance of the Mop visit but unfortunately the need for essential works prevented this.

“Some reduced elements of the scaffolding will be re-erected following the Mop moving on to its next venue.”

The council is hoping to reopen the museum in February 2017.