Sewer works in Leamington finished early

Severn Trent Water has almost finished its upgrade of Leamington's sewer system.
Severn Trent Water has almost finished its upgrade of Leamington's sewer system.

Heavy rain over the past few weeks has had the unexpected consequence of speeding up sewer works in Leamington.

Severn Trent Water has finished replacing the old sewer in Priory Terrace on Monday - two weeks earlier than expected.

Programme manager Chris Keys said: “The work was expected to be complete by mid-February. But the very heavy rainfall we experienced at the beginning of the month meant the level of the River Leam was much higher than usual and this caused problems with our original plan.

“Our engineers reviewed the situation and quickly came up with a new plan, which involved digging a tunnel. This has meant that the time we’ve been working in Priory Terrace has been cut in half.

“But it’s also meant that noise and vibration experienced by our customers has been far less than it would have been if we’d stuck to the original plans.

“We know when we carry out work that it can be disruptive to our customers, so we’re always checking to see we’re working in the most efficient way, with as little impact as possible on the local community. This has been proven by the quick thinking of the engineers working on this project, who found a better solution this time and were able to complete the job in half the time.”

The work is part of an £11 million scheme to improve the sewers in the Old Town area of Leamington, where in total 4,000 metres of new pipes will be installed.

Severn Trent say works on the sewers in High Street and Radford Road are on-track to be completed in the autumn.