Safety warnings issued after Warwick house fires

Fire & Rescue
Fire & Rescue

Warnings are out for people not to leave cooking or fires unattended after firefighters were called out to Warwick homes.

Two fire engines rushed to St Lawrence Avenue just before 4pm on October 19 after a kitchen fire broke out.

Owners of the house accidentally left the hob on before going out to pick up relatives, and returned home to find the house filled with smoke.

The fire was contained within the kitchen but parts of the rest of the house suffered smoke damage. Two pet dogs were treated as a precaution but thought to be doing well.

Crew commander Rob Hartrick said: “On this occasion, the residents were very lucky; the crews were able to contain the fire to the kitchen area and prevent it from spreading any further. It could easily have been more serious if the residents had not returned home when they did.”

Firefighters were also called to a chimney fire in Paradise Street on Sunday evening.

Crews in a fire engine from Leamington arrived at the house just after 7.20pm on October 25 where a wood burner had become engulfed in flames.

The team took around 40 minutes dealing with the fire and making the area safe. Nobody was harmed in the incident.