Remain would win in second EU vote, Warwick district campaign group claims

A campaign group has claimed Remain would win in a second referendum
A campaign group has claimed Remain would win in a second referendum

An EU campaign group based in Warwick has claimed its research shows if the EU referendum was run again, Remain would win.

Warwick District for Europe said its recent poll conducted in Leamington gave 'an interesting and potentially crucial insight 'into how a second Brexit vote

might turn out.

The group surveyed 134 people and asked them three questions: if they voted in the EU referendum, if so, how they voted, and how they would vote in a second referendum.

Out of the people asked, 23 voted Leave, 84 voted Remain, and 27 did not vote.

While most people when asked how they would vote in a second referendum did not change their minds, it was the non-voters' responses which caught the group's attention.

Out of the 27 non-voters, 18 said they would 'definitely vote Remain' in a second referendum, while four said they were 'leaning towards Remain'. None of them committed to voting Leave, and two said they were 'leaning towards Leave'. The other three said they did not know how they would vote.

The group claimed these results could have a strong effect on a second referendum if applied nationally.

A Warwick District for Europe spokesman said: "This local result is in line with recent results nationally such that, if it were translated to

actual voting, the voting on Brexit would be very different, with the Remain vote significantly exceeding the Leave vote by a margin of 59 per cent to 41 per cent."

Although 52 per cent of people voted to Leave in the EU referendum in June 2016, 59 per cent of Warwick district voted Remain.