Referees are accused of guesswork by Holleran

Paul Holleran believes Brakes have been on the wrong end of a few decisions in the opening weeks of the season.
Paul Holleran believes Brakes have been on the wrong end of a few decisions in the opening weeks of the season.

Leamington boss Paul Holleran has accused referees of guessing after his side picked up their fourth red card of the National League North season at Boston in midweek.

Jordan Murphy and Junior English were both dismissed after an ugly melee late in their 1-0 defeat in Lincolnshire along with Jay Thewlis and Jay Rollins from the home side.

It followed a red card for English against Curzon Ashton four days earlier and one for Jack Edwards on the opening day which was later rescinded and Holleran says referees need to be 100 per cent sure when they make their decisions.

“There’s no doubt about it, we have come out the wrong end of a few decisions,” said Holleran.

“If you look at football in general there have been a lot of penalties and cards being given.

“Junior’s decision on Saturday, it was very harsh.

“Referees are guessing.

“We had a really good camera angle for Jack’s sending off at Kidderminster and the referee’s view was blocked by Callum Gittings and Milan Butterfield.

“He saw the aftermath a couple of seconds later

“It was the same again on Saturday.

“You’ve got the referee running 60 yards to ask his assistant who was 80 yards away.

“On Tuesday it was played in good spirit, not a bad tackle.

“There’s a bit of handbags and the referee calls the assistant referee over from where I am standing - I couldn’t see what was going on for all the bodies. It’s all guesswork and they end up sending four players off.

“Apparently, there’s head to head contact with Rollins and Murphy but no headbutt and Junior has done what he can to get out of the melee.

“All of a sudden he’s got two red cards and he’s not done a lot.”

Holleran was keen not to lay the blame for Tuesday’s defeat directly at the door of referee Dean Watson, however.

“We paid the price for playing so long with ten men on Saturday,” he said.

“We started brightly but our legs went a little bit and the game went away from us.

“You can’t deny the best team won.

“They’ve been able to go out and sign three very good strikers in the summer. Clever players.”

The challenges do not get any easier for Brakes with a trip to leaders York City on Saturday.

It will be followed by the first blank midweek of a congested start to the campaign and Holleran admits the breather will be a welcome one for his slim squad.

“I called it at the start of the season that we need to get through the first five games.

“The stats show we are better playing Saturday to Saturday.

“However, if you can’t look forward to a game at York you shouldn’t be in this league.”