Racing club Warwick has launched its new after school club for teenagers.

The club is part of a new nation-wide network called Make Space and is the first of its kind in Warwickshire.

It will give young people aged between 11 and 16 access to a chill-out space where they can relax and be with friends, an activity space where they can take part in sports, arts and events and a quiet space for studying and surfing the internet.

Jim Wright, chairman of the Hampton Road club, said: "Some of the disaffected children in the town wanted to set up a youth club.

"The county council gave us some money to set it up but we could not fund a youth worker so we applied to Nestle for a grant from the Make Space Development fund.

"We are currently working on converting an old building for a chill out space.

"It's all well and good people my age moaning about the behaviour of our young people but when they have no provisions they are going to get up to mischief.

"This money will provide them with the provisions and I am really delighted with it."

The Racing Club has become the hub of the local community and recently enjoyed success in achieving an English Heritage grant to provide computer equipment to record the history of the area.

It currently has over 400 members and hopes to expand this to 650.

As part of its commitment to the Make Space initiative, the club hopes to double the number of employed staff and add to the number of voluntary helpers.

Make Space is a 2.5 million campaign funded by the Nestle Trust and managed by childcare charity - Kids' Clubs Network.

The campaign seeks to transform opportunities for teenagers across the country by establishing a network of contemporary after-school clubs designed to meet their needs.

The Development Fund panel, chaired by Baroness Thornton, will meet twice a year to award development funds.

Baroness Thornton said: "I am delighted to welcome Racing Club to the Make Space programme, and look forward to seeing the benefits that this initiative will bring to the local community.

"It is encouraging to see that people in Warwick are committed to investing in local youth."

For more information contact Racing Club on 493622.