Possible improvements to Leamington's railway station backed by town's MP

Matt Western MP has backed the bid
Matt Western MP has backed the bid

Potential improvements to Leamington's railway station - including cycle spaces, greater pedestrian access and a bus interchange - have been backed by the town's MP.

The bid to the Department for Transport, which could mean a nearly £1 million investment, has been welcomed by Matt Western MP, who has served on the Electric Vehicles Committee in Parliament and has long called for an integrated transport system in the local area.

He said: "I really welcome the proposals for a redevelopment of the Leamington station forecourt as it is long overdue.

"There is a huge existing need for a better transport hub since the old bus station was knocked down opposite and I hope that the various authorities will work to create a 21st century interchange for buses and electric bikes as well as for cars.

"It is particularly needed now with the massive growth in housing to the south of Warwick and Leamington and the issues of displacement parking across South Town. I am due to meet with the managing director of Chiltern Railways very soon to discuss plans."