Warwick photographer pushing equality in Parliament

Some of the MPs and their delegates at the #AskHerToStand day in Parliament.''Photo by Liz Drake.
Some of the MPs and their delegates at the #AskHerToStand day in Parliament.''Photo by Liz Drake.

A photographer from Warwick will be representing the town in Parliament as an ambassador for female equality.

Liz Drake recently attended the #AskHerToStand day in Parliament on November 21, which marked the 100 year anniversary of women being allowed to stand as MPs.

Liz Drake.

Liz Drake.

The day was organised by the 50:50 campaign and aims for women to have equal seats and say at Westminster.

Liz attended the day as both a campaign photographer and to learn more about the campaign. She said: “I’ve always been a firm believer in equality in every sphere of life. Parliament is meant to be a representative institution.

“Women need equal seats and equal say at Westminster to ensure that they can play their part in running the country and planning the future.

“Parliament should draw upon the widest possible pool of talent and experience, including that of 32 million women that live and work in the UK.

“With only 209 women in the Commons (alongside 441 men), the laws governing every aspect of our lives, including the economy, Brexit, the environment, education, health, welfare, parenting, defence, transport, foreign policy and so on are all currently shaped by a predominantly male voice.

“In the 21st century and following 100 years of women being entitled to stand for Parliament, women’s voices and opinions must be heard more equally.”

Hundreds of MPs, including Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western, invited women from their constituency to spend time with them at parliament, learning more about the role and work of an MP. Following November 21 more than 50 women were inspired to #SignUpToStand via the ‘50:50 Parliament’ website, bringing the total so far this year to more than 300.

For more information or to join the 50:50 campaign go to: www.5050Parliament.co.uk.