First of two Donald Trump protests takes place in Leamington

The protest outside Leamington Town Hall today.
The protest outside Leamington Town Hall today.

A clear message was put out by protesters outside Leamington town hall this morning - they do not like Donald Trump and want him to leave the UK immediately.

Members of Mid-Warwickshire Amnesty International and supporters have staged the first of two protests against Donald Trump and his politics taking place outside Leamington Town Hall today.

The protest outside Leamington Town Hall today.

The protest outside Leamington Town Hall today.

The protesters held up placards highlighting their views against the US President, who is currently visiting the UK.

Some also dressed up as the Statue of Liberty.

Jane Sault, the Amnesty group's chairwoman, said: "Although a lot of people are protesting Trump because they just don't like the man - and there's a lot of things you could say in that respect - we're actually here because of his record in regard to human rights.

"He's already withdrawn from the UN Human Rights Council, we've seen his recent disregard for child migrants, he;s also withdrawn from the Paris Climate Agreement - he has no regard for climate change whatsoever , he is now allowing death sentences for drug cases, he wants Jerusalem to be recognised as the capital of Israel and the impact on the Palestinians in the occupied territories will be enormous.

"He has sold military equipment to countries with poor human rights records - which Britain is also guilty of - and, also a little-known fact is that he has put global gag rules on money which goes to Third World countries which will affect women's health programs.

"When you look at the things he has done and said we think he is a threat to world peace."

Group press officer John Payton donned a cardboard mask of President Trump's face and gave a parody speech to emphasise the president's "lack of diplomacy".

In the speech, Mr Payton joked how the president had bought the UK for $25 and how he intended to turn Scotland into an 18,000 hole golf course, Wales into a 'drive-through pizza province' and Ireland into a US state while referring to Brexit as 'breakfast' .

Mr Payton said: "It just seems that every time Donald Trump opens his mouth he either offends or persecutes somebody be they immigrants or women or people less fortunate than himself.

"I just can't understand the man.

"Even today he is causing trouble in Downing Street with his remarks regarding Theresa May and he seems to have no inkling as to what diplomacy is.

"I'm trying to think of some good things he has done but I can't."

A second protest, being staged by Together Against Trump's Leamington branch , will take place outside the Town Hall from 5pm to 6.30pm today (Friday July 13).

More infromation is on the Together Against Trump Leamington Spa Facebook page.