Police warning over Warwick counterfeit cash scams

Police officer
Police officer

Warnings are spreading in Warwick after reports of counterfeit money being spent in the town centre.

Over the weekend, officers at Warwick’s Safer Neighbourhood team received three separate reports of the fake cash being spent in pubs and restaurants, a card shop and health food shop.

It is understood that the offender, thought to be a man in his 20s, changes his clothes, or wears a hat or glasses to try and mask his identity.

He then uses a counterfeit note of large value to buy cheap items and pocket change.

Sergeant Chris Kitson said officers are investigating reports and would urge anyone presented with suspicious money either refuse it, or keep notes and contact officers straight away so offenders can be caught on site.

He said: “Tests can be done on these notes, depending on their quality, and it would be helpful for us to be on scene while offences are taking place so that we can act in the quickest way possible.

“If there is any doubt people should not accept this money and refuse a sale.”

CCTV images from a town business has been circulating on social media, with traders spreading warnings for others to take care for suspicious activity.

Anyone with information, or CCTV images of suspected offenders should contact the team at Warwick police.