Police seize endangered crocodile skull from Leamington address

Endangered Siamese Crocodile skull
Endangered Siamese Crocodile skull

Police gave a Leamington woman warning after they learned of an illegal purchase of an endangered crocodile skull.

Officers from Warwickshire Rural Crime Team recently seized a Siamese Crocodile skull, a species that is critically endangered, from an address in Leamington.

A woman in her 20s cooperated with police and was given a police warning.

Wildlife Crime Officers from around the country continue to support global efforts to target illegal trade in endangered species.

Police also explained the ramifications of fuelling the demand of the illegal trade.

PC Andy Timmins said the illegal purchase was an isolated incident by this unwary buyer.

Police are warning collectors of similar articles to ensure the purchase is legal before ordering off eBay or other retail outlets.