Police recover bike after being stolen a year ago in Whitnash

TVP have arrested an 18 year old
TVP have arrested an 18 year old

Police have recovered a bike after it was stolen a year ago in Whitnash.

Whitnash Safer Neighbourhood Team was sent an email by the owner of the bike saying he had identified the £500 bike that had been stolen from him a year ago from a school in Whitnash.

The owner spotted the bike being advertised on Facebook selling site and managed to identify it from unique features which he had changed on the bike.

He had also registered the bike on Immobilise and had the frame number.

The police safer neighbourhood team investigated the report and managed to locate an address where the bike had been sold to.

They attended the address and spoke to the new owner and explained it could be a stolen bike.

The officers completed further checks and identified this was the bike that had been stolen a year ago, but after a few questions they discovered that it had been sold on a few times.

No further police action will be taken on the seller how ever he has now lost his bike and it has been returned to its rightful owner.

A spokesperson from the Whitnash Safer Neighbourhood Team issued the following warning: “If you’re thinking of buying an expensive bike cheaply think twice! It could just be stolen and you could end up with nothing.”