Police advise to be safe this Halloween


Warwickshire Police are advising people to have a safe Halloween this year,

With the spooky holiday approaching fast the police are urging people who are going trick or treating or having a party to stay safe.

They have advised that adults should always accompany young children trick or treating and that they should only visit the homes of people they know.

Police are also advising that people who are out during the holiday should never accept an invitation to go inside a stranger’s home and that they should keep to well-lit areas, wear bright clothing and carry a torch.

A spokesperson from Warwickshire Police said: “Halloween can often be a worrying and unnerving time for the elderly, vulnerable or those who live alone. Unless pre-arranged, do not visit elderly and/or vulnerable members of the community.”

The police are also asking that any ‘tricks’ carried out this year to be kept within the law and that if a house is displaying a ‘sorry no trick or treat’ sign, to respect the resident’s wishes.

If you would like to display a ‘sorry no trick or treat’ sign in your window this year you can download one from the Warwickshire Police’s website: https://www.warwickshire.police.uk/article/24588/Have-a-Safe-Halloween-2016