Police advice on Halloween safety


Police in Warwick dsitrict are offering advice to young people and their parents to help ensure they have a fun and safe Halloween.

High visibility patrols will be out on the streets over the next few nights to help keep people safe and deter antisocial behaviour.

Inspector Janet Marsden of Warwickshire Police said: “While we’re encouraging people to go out and have a good time, we would urge them to remember basic personal safety rules that apply at any other time of the year.

“We would also like to remind people that elderly and vulnerable members of the community may find trick or treating distressing and there may be some people who choose not to celebrate Halloween. I would encourage trick or treaters to show consideration to these people and respect their wishes.

“’No trick or treating’ signs are available from our website and local police stations. If you do see one of these signs, please move on to the next house.”

Police advise that young children should never go out trick or treating without being accompanied by an adult, and urge people not to knock on the doors of strangers.

They also recommend keeping to well-lit areas, wearing bright clothing and carrying a torch, and never going into a stranger’s house.

A spokesman added: “Take care not to frighten elderly or vulnerable people.

“If a house is displaying a ‘no trick or treaters’ sign, please don’t knock on the door.

“Keep your tricks within the law – if you cause any damage you can be prosecuted.

“Children, don’t be offended if your local shop does not serve you with eggs or flour. Police have been working with local stores to discourage their sale to young people.”

Visit www.warwickshire.police.uk/crimeprevention/Personalsafety/HallAdvice for more advice.