Plans for former pub in Warwick withdrawn

Controversial plans that would have seen a former iconic Warwick pub '“ which is now fire damaged '“ knocked down and turned into houses have been withdrawn.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 9:58 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm
GV - Great Western Pub, Coventry Road, Warwick NNL-180828-213959009
GV - Great Western Pub, Coventry Road, Warwick NNL-180828-213959009

The plans would have seen the former Great Western pub in Coventry Road completely demolished and four houses put on the site.

The pub is currently in a damaged condition following a fire last August.

Developer P&P Properties submitted the plans in May but withdrew the application on August 23.

GV - Great Western Pub, Coventry Road, Warwick NNL-180828-213928009

The developer has previously submitted two planning applications for the pub – both in 2016. The first was submitted in March 2016 for a change of use to residential accommodation and to convert the building into flats as well as construction of four houses.

This application was refused by Warwick District Council’s planning committee because the design of the houses was not in keeping with the area and there was no outdoor amenity space for future residents.

The second plan was submitted in June 2016, again for change of use to create flats and build four houses. This plan was granted planning permission.

Because of securing permission in 2016, four houses are already set to go along Station Road and the new plans, which have now been withdrawn, would have seen an additional four houses on the Coventry Road side, where the pub now stands.

GV - Great Western Pub, Coventry Road, Warwick NNL-180828-214026009

In the planning documents the developer said that following the fire, the pub now needs to be demolished because the remaining structure is in a ‘poor and dangerous condition’.

Despite the condition of the pub, many people from in and around Warwick objected to the loss of the iconic building. Up until the plans were withdrawn there were around 50 objections on the planning portal. As well as residents, a number of town councillors also submitted objections.

Cllr John Holland’s objection said: “Object strongly to loss of octagonal building, unique to Warwick and great historical significance. No pedestrian footpath to and from Warwick Station. Over 80 per cent of passengers are pedestrians when arriving or leaving the station and they will have to walk in the road at the junction with Coventry Road.”

Other objections were lodged for reasons including that the building is part of the town’s history and that the building should be restored not destroyed.

There were also comments in support for reasons such as it would improve the site and that it would supply employment to local tradesmen during the rebuild.