Petition to save Abbey Fields' outdoor pool gathering big support

A petition campaigning to save the outdoor pool in Abbey Fields has gathered almost 2,000 signatures in just five days since being uploaded online.

Wednesday, 2nd November 2016, 11:10 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:38 pm

The petition, created by Kenilworth resident and keen outdoor swimmer Jane Green, was made in response to a draft version of the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan, which claimed the pool was not economically viable.

It has three aims: to keep the outdoor pool open, to maintain both the indoor and outdoor pool as public amenities, and to not create more parking spaces in Abbey Fields.

The petition reads: “You cannot put a price on the benefits of outdoor swimming for our physical and psychological health, our well-being and our sense of community.

“The happy memories of days out splashing in the pool and relaxing in the surrounding park will not show up on the balance sheets any more than the civic identity which such a facility gives.”

It also points to the pool’s influence on nature writer Roger Deakin’s work.

It continues: “Roger Deakin writes in his important book Waterlog of how he developed his love of outdoor swimming at the lido in Kenilworth.

“This gives our town pool a particular importance and something to celebrate.”

Several people posted comments praising the value of the outdoor pool after signing the petition.

‘Mary G’ said: “So many open air pools have closed. They are fantastic spaces to improve your fitness, relax and get some vitamin D in your bones.”

And ‘Sara M’ said: “Business is encroaching on every aspect of our lives at the expense of our cultural heritage. Coventry is bad enough, please don’t extend it to Kenilworth.”

Warwick District Council aim to improve the leisure facilities in Abbey Fields, but have said no formal plans have been drawn up yet.

Cllr Michael Coker said that although the outdoor pool is less used than the indoor pool the council would try to maximise its use.

Anyone wishing to view or sign the petition can do so by visiting