Petition for council to make Fosse Way cross roads safer

The cross roads at the junction of Harbury Lane and the Fosse Way.
The cross roads at the junction of Harbury Lane and the Fosse Way.

More than 1,000 people have put their name to an online petition which they hope will lead to a ‘dangerous’ junction on the Fosse Way near Leamington being made safer.

Residents of Harbury and its surrounding villages have grown increasingly concerned over what they see as a ‘lack of action’ by Warwickshire County Council to improve the cross roads at Harbury Lane.

Another serious accident at the site recently prompted villagers to add their names to the petition, which now has enough signatures for it to go before the council.

Pete Kostiuk, who contacted The Courier, regarding the petition, said: “The sense of concern about the council’s lack of activity and the frustration of residents can be guaged from the fact that more than 400 signatures were logged on the petition within 12 hours of it being opened.

“I’d prefer to not have the daily worry of wondering whether my family have successfully crossed

that junction on their way to and from work.”

According to police-reported data on the Department for Transport website, there were nine accidents at the junction in 2013, which is similar to the number in more built up areas.

Cllr Bob Stevens (Con, Feldon) said traffic lights would be the best solution and were a possibility but the required changes to the junction, including widening the road and adding a right fork would require a significant capital investment.

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