Wish poo were here - Warwick Castle's new bizarre bird show offer

Visitors to Warwick Castle who are 'lucky' enough to have bird dropping land on their during the birds of prey show can now return for free.

Monday, 29th July 2019, 4:56 pm
The Falconer's Quest. Photo by Warwick Castle
The Falconer's Quest. Photo by Warwick Castle

The team at Warwick Castle have launched the bizarre offer for anyone who gets defecated on by one of the birds of prey during the Castle’s The Falconer’s Quest show.

Following a customer complaint that they’d got a little too ‘lucky’ whilst watching the show, Warwick Castle is now offering a return trip free of charge for anyone who receives a little present from one of the feathered stars*.

The Falconer’s Quest features more than 70 birds taking to the skies directly above a crowd in a live-action show performed twice daily.

The Falconer's Quest. Photo by Warwick Castle

The feathered cast ranges from small Red Kites and Bearded Vultures to the Andean Condor, one of the largest birds in the world with a 10ft wing-span.

“With talons and feathers flying directly above the heads of the crowd, the chance of visitors being decorated with a special souvenir from the birds is small but not impossible,” says Chris O’Donnell, Warwick Castle’s chief falconer.

“It might be thought lucky to have bird poo land on you, but for most of our guests, it’s not a pleasant thought – especially if it belongs to a giant such as the Andean Condor! The new return visit offer allows guests to watch the show without worrying that an unexpected drop from the sky may ruin their day.”

The new return visit guarantee applies to any guest being pooed on by a bird whilst watching the show; the poo on garment should be shown to a staff member within ten minutes of completion of the show.

The Falconer's Quest. Photo by Warwick Castle

The Falconer’s Quest and the Wars of the Roses Live shows are included with general admission to Warwick Castle

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