Warwickshire residents urged to be 'team players' and to continue getting regular Covid tests

Residents are also being reminded to follow hands, face, space and fresh air when visiting friends, visiting hospitality venues and attending large events

Monday, 14th June 2021, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 14th June 2021, 10:40 am

Residents in Warwickshire are being reminded to continue getting regular Covid tests.

Over the last few weeks Covid-19 cases have been rising across Warwickshire and while numbers remain low in the county, the county council is reminding residents to continue to follow the guidance get tested regularly and to take up the vaccine when offered.

With large sporting events taking place over the next few weeks it is likely larger groups of people will gather, so residents are being reminded that if they are meeting up with friends, visiting hospitality venues or attending large events, to follow hands, face, space, fresh air to help to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

One of the home testing kits for Covid-19

Residents are also being reminded that:

~ Being outdoors helps any Covid-19 particles to disperse, so if you’re meeting a group or in a crowded place, try to remain outdoors as much as possible.

~ One in three people with Covid-19 do not have any symptoms. Regular testing will help to detect any positive cases, you should test every three to four days and record your results here~ Find out more about testing here, including the different ways that you can order tests.

~ Covid-19 vaccinations are now available to people aged 25 and over, find out how to book your appointment hereTalking about the rise in cases, Dr Shade Agboola, Director of Public Health for Warwickshire said: “We know that it has been a difficult year for everyone and we are all keen to return back to some form of normality.

"However, we are seeing a rise in cases across the whole of the county for the first time in a few months.

"At present the numbers in Warwickshire are still low, but we all know how quickly things can change.

"So please let’s not be complacent. Simple steps such as washing our hands regularly, wearing a face covering, keeping a social distance, ensuring adequate ventilation when indoors, getting tested twice weekly and taking up the offer of vaccination, have and will continue to play a key role in reducing the spread of the virus.

“As a community we have come so far, so please let’s continue to do the right thing for Warwickshire and reduce the spread of Covid-19.”

Cllr Margaret Bell, portfolio holder for adult social care and health added: “It’s great that we are able to see and spend time with more people and to see sporting events return.

"While I understand that people are keen to do more, we encourage you to do so safely.

"This means following the guidance, keeping your hands clean and sanitised, wearing your face covering, keeping 2 meters apart from others and being out in the fresh air as much as possible when seeing other people.

“At Warwickshire County Council our aim is for our residents to be safe and healthy and taking steps to protect yourself and those around you is key. Regular testing and attending your vaccine appointment if you are eligible will also help to reduce the spread of the virus.

“Working together as a team will help us to tackle COVID-19 together.”