Warwick Rotarians help Rotary club in Warwick in Australia

The Warwick Rotary Club is joining in the effort to help Australia after the recent devastating bush fires.

Thursday, 30th January 2020, 3:59 pm

The Warwick Rotary Club in the UK has been in contact with the Rotary Club of Warwick Sunrise in Australia, where they have been affected by the bush fires.

Jackie Crampton from the Rotary Club said: "We were all concerned to see what was going on in Australia.

"We were keen to help people affected by the appalling bush fires in Australia and wanted aid to go directly to those in need.

The Rotary Club of Warwick Sunrise. Photo supplied by Rotary Club of Warwick Sunrise, president Sandra Head.

"We made contact with the town of Warwick which is in Queensland and lies inland from Brisbane on the Gold coast. We could see from Facebook that our fellow Rotarians there were delivering food parcels and water to families.

"The club has agreed to send $1,000 Australian dollars (about £570) to help them."

After making contact with the Rotary Club of Warwick Sunrise, they received an email from their club president Sandra Head explaining the situation they were facing.

In the email she said: "We have been experiencing a tragic summer with drought and bush fires here in Australia.

"Around us in Warwick no lives were lost but the last bit of grass, stock, paddock fences, sheds and farmhouses were.

"Outside the towns like Warwick, the only source of household water is rainwater tanks. If these were not already dry, they were now made undrinkable by the smoke, ash and dust in the air settling on roofs.

"This situation galvanised our a small Rotary club of 25 to do something to help.

"We knew that we could not change the big picture, so decided to go out into the small rural communities one at a time and show that we were aware of their situation and we cared.

"We travel out and set up our BBQ van, marquees, tables and chairs and serve Sunday morning breakfast to the community around. We also offer fruit, vegetables, toiletries, magazines and food, fuel, hairdressing, shower and laundry vouchers. Most importantly, we have found that by providing a venue the local folk are coming and staying on to chat with each other and with us. "We have also been instrumental in setting up the ‘Southern Downs Community Relief Group Inc’ which provides free bottled water each week to rural residents."

Sandra signed off the email thanking the UK Rotary Club for their help and support.