Warwick residents fighting to save bank earmarked for closure

Residents in Warwick are fighting to try and save a bank in Warwick which has been earmarked for closure.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 5:00 am

In November TSB made the announcement that they would be closing down branches across the country and both the Leamington and Warwick sites face being axed.

In response to this, residents Alan and Margo Skillicorn set up a petition objecting to the closure.

They said: "We are account holders with TSB and we set up the petition as soon as we received the letter indicating that the decision to close the bank had been made and that was it.

Alan and Margo Skillicorn set up a petition objecting to the TSB closure in Warwick

"We asked various shops across the town if they would take a petition and ask people to sign it.

"Our next nearest branch is Stratford or Coventry, which will mean getting on a bus or driving to these places. It would be easier if they can't keep Warwick open to keep the Leamington one open.

"Natwest, HSBC and Barclays have gone, now TSB. Who knows how long Lloyds will stay.

"We have had a phone call from the bank's customer relation people and we said we are trying to make a case and we got told 'you will not change our decision but you can go to the ombudsman if you wish'.

Alan and Margo Skillicorn set up a petition objecting to the TSB closure in Warwick

"They have put the closures down to lack of footfall in the town but that's because there's less people going to Warwick because the shops are closing and the banks are closing.

"We will be collecting the petitions in at the end of January to then submit to the bank and the ombudsman."

Warwick and Leamington MP Matt Western is one of may who has signed the petition. He said: "I was pleased to sign the petition because this closure will be damaging to our community and high street.

"This appears to be part of a trend of closing high street amenities like bank branches and post offices without public consultation and disproportionately affecting elderly and vulnerable people.

"We need to remind the banks that it was the public that bailed them out in 2008: they need to make sure that they are still meeting the needs of all of their customers while adapting to our modern economy."

Petitions can be found at: Warwick Books, Claridges, Torrys, The Air Ambulance, The Golden Monkey Tea Company, Thomas Oken Tearooms, JSK Boutique, Mel Broome and Son Butchers, Westgate Hair Fashions, The Meat Room and Kokua.

A spokesperson from TSB said: “The decision to close the Warwick branch was not taken lightly, but over the past few years we have seen the usage of the branch continue to fall. Over 80 per cent of customers at the branch either use alternative TSB branches in the area or they use online, mobile or telephone banking to access their banking services.

"There are now only 11 customers who actually use the branch on a regular weekly basis. As a result, keeping the branch open is now no longer financially viable."

Warwick TSB is due to close on September 15.