Warwick district residents invited to give views on future of Canalsides

A public consultation has just been launched on a development plan document (DPD) which will determine the future of Warwick district’s canalsides.

Thursday, 17th October 2019, 1:04 pm

This is in line with Warwick District Council’s Local Plan and the designation of a Canal Conservation Area earlier this year.

The document will provide policies which will guide the Council in the determination of planning applications along the district’s 40km of waterways, which include sections of both the Grand Union and Stratford Canals.

This will then help to inform future planning decisions on residential development, areas which would benefit from a face-lift, change of use of sites, environmental and social issues, access and tourism potential. 

The Local Plan lists specific locations that the Development Plan Document (DPD) will consider in terms of redevelopment.

According to the consultation documents online, ‘the Local Plan has already identified some potential areas for residential development alongside the canal, such as within the Leamington and Warwick stretches of the Grand Union canal.

‘There are some areas along the canalside which would benefit from a facelift or other environmental improvements. This could be achieved at the same time as new development takes place and planning conditions on an approved scheme would ensure that this happens.’

In the documents it says that the Local Plan identified three potential sites that could be considered as ‘opportunity sites as they are employment sites that are no longer entirely fit for purpose’.

The three areas identified, which are located adjacent to the Canal, are: 

~ Sydenham Industrial Estate

~ Cape Road/Millers Road in Warwick

~ Montague Road in Warwick

In the Sydenham Industrial Estate area the council has identified that ‘there is potential for rationalisation and consolidation of the estate as well as the potential to redevelop eight hectares of the northern part of the site for residential development’.

In the Cape Road/Millers Road area there is a mix of industrial premises areas for residential use. The council has identified that there are ‘vacancies in the western half of the area and the and that there is potential for rationalisation and consolidation of the western area with potential to redevelop 4.5 hectares of land .’

In the Montague Road area, as well as industrial units there are residential areas. In the documents it says that a number of areas within Montague Road are ‘either vacant or appear to be coming to the end of their economic life and that redevelopment of the site for alternative uses may be appropriate’.

More than 20 other sites were also identified and considered in relation to reuse should become available.

Cllr John Cooke, Warwick District Council’s portfolio holder for development services said: “This is yet another opportunity that the council is actively pursuing to encourage healthy and environmental friendly activities as we tackle the challenges of Climate Change. 

“Our canals are a major heritage asset linking our historic towns with the countryside and strengthening Warwick District’s character, economy and tourism offer.

“I therefore would encourage anyone with an interest in their future, whether you are a narrowboat enthusiast, live or work close to the canal or enjoy spending time walking, jogging or cycling along the towpaths to share your views.”

Three documents; the draft DPD, the sustainability appraisal and the non-technical summary of the sustainability appraisal are now the subject of a public consultation which is available on the Warwick District Council website (https://warwickdc.oc2.uk/readdoc/88) until Monday December 2.