Senior citizen who suffered nasty fall in Lillington thanks family who helped her get to her home two miles away

A senior citizen who was injured during a nasty fall in Lillington has put out a message of thanks to the family who stopped and helped her back to her home almost two miles away.

Thursday, 11th March 2021, 10:21 am
Marjorie Carrier has thanked the family who helped her to get to her home in Leamington after she suffered a fractured cheek bone and bruises to her face when she fell in Lillington on Saturday.

Marjorie Carrier of Derwent Close was walking down Church Lane on Saturday afternoon (March 6) having visited the display of Lenten crosses at St Mary Magdalene church.

She fell and suffered injuries mainly to her face which, she later found out, included a fractured cheek bone.

A couple passing by with their child and dog stopped to help her and walked her back to her house, which is about two miles from where she had the accident.

Marjorie, who was later taken,to A&E at Warwick Hospital by her husband John, said her mind had gone blank and that she could not remember the couple's names only that the family were on their way to Jephson Gardens.

She contacted The Courier to publicly thank the family and to let them know she is now recovering.

She said: "I just want to thank them for being so kind and thoughtful and for doing all they could to help me.

"I was so dazed at the time that I can't remember their names so hopefully they will see this and know how grateful I am."