Police and neighbours unite to find a solution after reports of cats falling ill in Leamington

They got their hands dirty to solve the problem

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 7:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 7:16 pm

Police and neighbours in Leamington got their hands dirty to solve an ongoing problem after reports of cats falling ill.

The Safer Neighbourhood policing team in Leamington recently received complaints from a few concerned residents with regards to their cats going in to an overgrown garden and eating weed killer, which had made them ill and resulted in expensive visits to the vets.

But officers found a way to solve the problem.

Police and neighbours got together to help maintain a garden - and help solve the problem of cats falling ill. Photo by Leamington Police.

"The owner of the property was doing nothing wrong by using weed killer but we realised that he was using it as a way to maintain his garden as he was no longer able to do it manually," said Leamington Police.

As a solution to this problem PCSO Wright and PCSO Rychlowska spoke to the homeowner and offered to help with the garden, which he gratefully accepted.

The police added: "Today (Tuesday), we attended with a couple of neighbours and cut the weeds down. As a result, he no longer has to use weed killer which will reassure the neighbours as well as protecting the cats from any further harm.

"Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work, as well as to The Sydni centre who kindly donated gardening gloves for us to use."